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Vitamin C Skin Serum (30ml)



Vitamin C Serum with Acetyl Glucosamine

Dry and Dull skin? Try our Beauty Vitamin C serum with Acetyl Glucosamine. Our serum has a silky, non-greasy feel to it. Vitamin C has been proven to increase collagen synthesis while decreasing melanin production, both of which contribute to a lighter complexion. Do you want to get rid of the harmful oxidants in your body? Baam! Use Holy Herbs Vitamin C Serum with Acetyl Glucosamine and get the best results. As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C is able to efficiently neutralize and eliminate harmful oxidants from the human body.

Best Anti-Oxidant Serum

Our Vitamin C Serum is the powerful blend of Vitamin C and Acetyl Glucosamine. Stabilised Vitamin C in synergy with other actives like Acetyl Glucosamine offers what all your skin needs to maintain flawless and youthful look. One may feel the change immediately away after using it for the first time, and give it littel time and you may clearly notice visible results.


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