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Onion Shampoo (300ml)

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Holy Herbs Onion Shampoo 300ml for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control

Formulated with organic ingredients like red onion seed oil extract, black seed extract  and sweet almond oil, Holy Herbs Onion Shampoo revitalizes tired hair, resulting in strong and beautiful hair. This hair shampoo’s components are known to help rejuvenate weary scalps and thin hair. It also helps in the improvement of hair texture and the strengthening of the strands.

Revive Limp and Lusterless Hair with Onion Shampoo

Suitable for both women and men, Onion Shampoo helps to nurture the roots of your hair. It gives you strong, shiny hair that is also healthy. Onion Shampoo cleanses and nourishes the scalp of your hair. It improves the quality of your hair strands and looks after your general hair health to keep your hair strong and flowing.

Get Glossy Smooth and Strong Hair Naturally With

Holy Herbs Onion Shampoo Bottle of 300 ml

Holy Herbs’ Onion Shampoo is one of the finest onion shampoos for hair loss. Onion oil, in the shampoo, stimulates the scalp, encouraging blood circulation and hair regeneration. The gentle surfactants in our onion shampoo wash the hair and scalp without stripping and the plant keratin present in our onion shampoo strengthens hair and makes it glossier.

4 reviews for Onion Shampoo (300ml)

  1. Garvita Sharma

    I am very happy after using this product

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