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Lemon Honey Face Wash


Quantity: 100ml
Soft, smooth & Nourished skin . For all skin types Paraben free formulation. Aperect cleanser that not only rids the face of excess oil, but also ensures that it doesnt dry up. Lemons acidic nature breaks down the excessive oil molecules and unclogs the pores, thus fighting acne break-outs and blackheads. honey a natural humectant, keeps the skin hydrated and also fight acne.


Lemon Honey Face Wash

A face wash is a key aspect of a healthy daily skincare plan, and choosing the right face wash for your skin type is an important part of your beauty routine. While there are many face cleansers on the market today, some of which claim to be natural and ayurvedic, not all face washes are made equal.

The Lemon Honey Face Wash from Holy Herbs is a light-weight, softly foamy exfoliant that contains honey to keep skin nourished. Lemon Honey Face Wash, formulated with the benefits of natural ingredients, is a mild natural face wash with a slight herby perfume that removes the final remnants of dust, dirt, and make-up residue while keeping the skin’s inherent hydration.

Get More than Just Cleansing with

Holy Herbs Lemon Honey Face Wash

Try Holy Herbs’ Lemon Honey Face Wash if you want a face wash formulation that is natural/Ayurvedic but also supported by current and scientific science. It not only cleanses your skin thoroughly, but it also helps restore your skin’s pH balance without leaving it feel tight or dry.


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