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Jewel Cream Bleach (300g)



Holy Herbs’ Jewel Cream Bleach for both Men and Women

Minerals and precious jewels have been used in many beauty formulations ever since they’ve been discovered by mankind.  Holy Herbs Jewel Cream Bleach is formulated with the dust of pearl, diamond and gold that brings out your fairness by gently lightening the dark hair on the skin and adds a golden glow to it.

How Holy Herbs Jewel Cream Bleach Works On Your Skin?

Holy Herbs Jewel Cream Bleach moisturizes your skin leaving behind a pleasant radiance that is sure to attract admiration. The qualities of Jewels in our Jewel Cream Bleach makes one look fairer with radiant and glowing skin. Our product is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin and gives the hair and skin a golden hue.  Our Bleach is totally safe to use If Used according to the instructions.


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