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Honey Almond Body Lotion


Quantity: 100ml
Advanced nourishing body lotion with the goodness of almonds . Soft, smooth & Nourished skin . For all skin types.


Honey Almond Body Lotion

Does your skin feel dry and flaky? Let us introduce you to Holy Herbs Body Lotion. When used on dry skin, the moisturizer is absolutely impressive since it provides deep nutrition and moisturization. It contains the ideal blend of almond oil and honey, as well as vitamin E, to naturally maintain your skin’s softness, smoothness, health, and shine. This cream also helps to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It helps to improve the firmness and suppleness of the skin, which makes the skin look healthy and young.

Why Choose Holy Herbs’ Honey Almond Body Lotion?

Holy Herbs honey almond body lotion has been produced to let you unearth your natural glow and beauty that has been covered by the dirt and grime of pollution.

Our Honey Body lotion is an advanced nourishing lotion which relieves dry skin by moisturizing it intensely.  Enriched with the goodness of almond oil, honey and vitamin E, the lotion provides effective results and long lasting benefits.


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