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Haldi Chandan Cream Bleach (300g)

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Spotless, Blemish-Free Skin with Haldi Chandan Cream Bleach

Holy Herbs’ Haldi Chandan Cream Bleach is a great face cleanser that’s packed with the virtues of Haldi and Chandan. It not only removes the tan but also heals skin damage caused by overexposure to the sun. So, conquer all your skin worries with Holy Herbs’ Haldi Chandan Cream Bleach.

How does Holy Herbs’ Haldi Chandan Cream Bleach Work on Your Skin?

Haldi Chandan Bleach Cream removes dead skin cells, revealing a new and clear complexion. It enhances the appearance of the skin. It reduces the appearance of blemishes, pigmentation, and dark areas. The face cream contains active chemicals and vitamins that help the skin seem younger and brighter over time. The use of this face cream on a daily basis revitalizes the skin like never before. Tanning is inevitable, but it can be treated. So, with the brilliance of Haldi Chandan Bleach Cream by your side, go out with the grace and poise that you deserve!

1 review for Haldi Chandan Cream Bleach (300g)

  1. Shruti

    I have been using this bleach for over 5 Months now. This is the most underrated product in the market! It is meant for the sensitive skin. The activator is not harsh and the fragrance of the cream is oh-so-delightful! It leaves your skin soft and clean.

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