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Fruit Face Wash

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Quantity: 100ml
Radiance, whitening & deep cleansing.For all skin types Paraben free formulation. This face wash is an extra gentle facial cleanser infused with skin exfoliating papaya,peach and other fruits extract which remove dead cells and stimulate skin renewal, diminish spots,marks & blemishes. it also tone, refresh, rejuvenates and protect skin from harmful sun rays. Fruits extracts clear skin from pimples and cleans the face thoroughly.


Fruit Face Wash

A face wash is a vital component of a healthy daily skincare routine, and choosing the right one for your skin type is critical to your beauty regimen. While there are several face cleansers on the market today, some of which claim to be natural and ayurvedic in nature, not all face washes are made equal.

Fruit Face Wash by Holy Herbs is a light-weight, softly foamy exfoliant that removes dead skin cells while also hydrating the face. Lemon Honey Face Cleanser is a soft natural face wash with a slight herby scent that gently removes the final remnants of dust, dirt, and make-up residue while keeping the skin’s inherent hydration.

Holy Herbs Fruit Face Wash: More than any Regular Facewash

If you’re seeking for a natural/Ayurvedic face wash formulation that is supported by current and scientific research, try Holy Herbs’ Fruit Face Wash. Not only does it wash your skin well, but it also helps restore your skin’s pH balance without leaving it feeling stretched or dry.

5 reviews for Fruit Face Wash

  1. Tavleena Marwah Kataria

    Good collection of face wash as always. Most of the times the staff is friendly. Recently they had good discounts.

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