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Ayurvedic Mud Pack (50g)

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Ayurvedic Mud Packs for a Healthy Skin

Almost as long as there has been skincare, there have been mud face Packs. Applied directly to the skin, our Ayurvedic mud mask serves as an extra exfoliating skin treatment alternative. Known as one of the best exfoliating products on the market, they’ve become an essential part of everyone’s beauty arsenal. If you want beautiful skin, a mud mask is the way to go, and it’s easy to order mud Packs online from

Natural De-Tan Therapy: With Holy Herbs’ Ayurvedic Mud Packs

No matter what your skin type is, our Ayurvedic mud Packs from Holy Herbs will keep you glowing all year long. You can choose a mud mask to suit your skin type and requirements, whether you have oily skin or blackheads or sensitive skin or fine lines, or you’re tanning. Holyherbs in known to curate the best face packs in India.


4 reviews for Ayurvedic Mud Pack (50g)

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