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Air freshner Lavender


Quantity: 250ml
Air freshner lavender energising & rejuvenating 2 X odor eliminating power. Lavender is a flowering plant that is identified by its sweet and floral aroma. It has various psycological benefits, decreasing both anxiety and stress and cleanses the room”s aura as well.This air freshner renoves the bad odours from the surroundings and cleanses the atmosphere. it can be used in cars, homes and offices too.


Do you have a damp or smelly odor in your house?

Air Freshner Lavender by Holy Herbs is a one-stop treatment for foul smells and provides you with that much-needed breath of fresh air. The scent of the Air Freshner Lavender may take you to a world where there is plenty of fresh air. Holy Herbs’ Air Freshner Lavender is made of herbal materials and may be used to substitute items that have a chemical composition and can be toxic at times.

Kick Bad Odour Out of Your Space

Air Freshner Lavender by Holy Herbs may be used anywhere and at any time. The product is not only beneficial in a public setting, but it also makes your fragrance-filled house worth living in. Get rid of odours at businesses, hospitals, schools, and hotels now. After a few hours, spray three to four times and watch the magic happen. So, treat yourself to this delightful room freshener and experience a five-star atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.


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