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Honey Almond Cream


Quantity: 100ml
Nourished skin cream with the goodness of almonds for all skin types.Holy Herbs Honey & Almond Soft Light Moisturiser Nourishing Skin Cream
Enriched with the goodness of two ancient natural nourishing ingredients, honey and almonds soothes and nourishes skin keeping it soft, healthy and hydrated
Apply daily all over the face and body.Protects Skins Natural Moisture Balance.


Honey Almond Cream

Holy Herbs’ Honey Almond Cream contains the perfect blend of almond oil and honey along with vitamin E to deeply nourish and protect skin from harsh dryness. The cream is enriched with the goodness of two ancient natural nourishing ingredients: honey and almonds. They soothe and hydrate the skin, keeping it soft, healthy and hydrated

Why Choose Honey and Almond Cream for Your Dry Skin Problem?

Honey has always been known for the benefits it offers to our skin. Its ability to absorb and retain moisture for long periods makes it an excellent natural moisturizing ingredient. It moisturizes the skin’s deepest, driest layers, making them soft, supple, smooth, and glowing.

Almond oil goes a step ahead of honey in providing your skin with optimum nourishment. Besides acting as an excellent hydrator for your skin, Almond oil reduces skin irritation and helps in with reducing stretch marks and repairing UV damage to your skin.


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