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Aloevera Cream


Quantity: 100ml
Soothing & Nourish Skin for all skin types.Holy Herbs Aloevera soft light moisturiser Cream Soothing & Nourish Skin Re-hydrates Soften skin & Protection
Enriched with soothing aloe vera, it protects skin from sun related problemsIts soothing properties can treat sunburns, skin inflammations, acne and other skin irritations
For men & sticky feeling.Aloe vera has been used since ages for it’s soothing and healing properties.Today, many ancient tales of aloe vera have been proven to be factual as modern medicine. This extract will relieve fatigued ,stressed and sensitive skin, making it soft and supple.Cream removes dead cells and leaves skin soft and supple. Aloe Vera cream acts against pimples, acne, black heads. It prevents sunburn and has anti aging properties enhances moisturizing.


Every day, your skin is exposed to damaging environmental factors like extreme temperatures, low humidity, harsh cleansers, and hot water; all that can make your skin feel dry. That’s why many put their trust, especially during winters, in Holy Herbs’ Cold Cream. It penetrates layers deep into your skin to gives long-lasting moisturisation to your skin. It contains soothing aloe vera, which reduces irritation, redness and other sun-related skin problems.

Best Skin Moisturizer for Winters

Aloevera Cream by Holy Herbs is a light moisturising skin cream for hydration and smooth skin. It is made up of a unique double-action formula containing aloevera which helps to replenish your skins lost moisture. The cream is fast-absorbing for a non-greasy feel and moisturizes your dry skin from the very first application. It is a daily use cold cream best for dry, rough skin and is suitable for all skin types. It is ideal for when you want to get on with your day. It absorbs quickly, so you can get dressed within minutes of application. With nourishing ingredients, Aloe Vera Cream by Holy Herbs gives you deep moisturization without making your skin feel sticky and gives you soft, smooth skin all day long.


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