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Aloevera Cream Jar


Quantity: 15ml
Soothing & Nourish Skin for all skin types.Aloe Vera cream acts against pimples, acne, black heads. It prevents sunburn and has anti aging properties enhances moisturizing.


Aloevera Cream Jar

Every day, your skin is subjected to harmful environmental variables such as severe temperatures, low humidity, harsh cleansers, and hot water, all of which may cause your skin to feel dry that is why, particularly during the winter, many people rely on Holy Herbs’ Aloe Cream Jar. It penetrates deep into your skin layers to provide long-lasting moisture. It includes calming aloe vera, which helps to relieve inflammation, redness, and other sun-related skin issues.

Best Skin Care from Harsh winters

Holy Herbs Aloevera Cream Jar is a gentle moisturising skin cream for hydration and smooth skin. It contains aloevera, which helps to replace your skin’s lost moisture, in a unique double-action composition.

The cream is fast-absorbing for a non-greasy sensation and nourishes your dry skin from the very first use. It is a day-to-day cold cream that is ideal for dry, rough skin and is suited for all skin types. It is perfect for getting things done quickly. It absorbs fast, allowing you to be dressed within minutes after applying it.

With nourishing ingredients, Holy Herbs’ Aloe Vera Cream provides deep moisturization without leaving your skin feeling sticky, leaving you with soft, smooth skin all day.


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